Played by Ronny “White Meat” McDonald

Ronny McDonald, an accomplished stage and screen actor, brings his unparalleled talent to the webcomics genre for the first time. Ronny made his acting debut in a McDonald’s commercial featuring him playing all six chicken McNuggets. His uncanny ability to appear both crispy and delicious at the same time landed him countless acting roles ever since. As Nugget, Ronny McDonald will be playing the most complex character of his acting career. Nugget is an innocent, simple creature totally unaware of the fact that he is the only half nugget, half chicken known to exist. Mostly man made and pressed into a mold, Nugget has no memory of the darker side of life. Yet lurking just below that golden brown coating is the suppressed memory of the nugget processing plant and the horror he endured. Just like Wolverine, Nugget harbors a hidden past…one that he is only now beginning to understand himself. Oh, and he really likes BBQ sauce and is allergic to ketchup.



Played by Dennis “The Worm” Rodman

Dennis Rodman, former NBA great, makes his webcomics acting debut as the driven, hard-nosed night crawler with a heart of gold. Rodman’s penchant for originality and flair brings added dimension to this deeply emotional character. The exact opposite of his “friend” Nugget, Worm has spent his life crawling through the filth and dirt of life. He knows what it’s like to get kicked around and left for dead– and he takes nothing for granted. He takes advantage of everything life throws his way… and somehow tries to turn it into an excuse to hit the strip clubs. However, this macho exterior masks a deep secret not even worm truly understands. As an earthworm, Worm is both male and female… which is downright weird. Perhaps that’s why Worm always seems a little bit too angry for his own good.




Their Story…

Nugget and Worm is your classic odd couple story — meets happy meal — meets bait and tackle shop. Ya know, the standard stuff… only this dynamic duo’s adventures will take them far and wide on their quest to finally satisfy their late night cravings at White Castle. Oh wait… wrong script. Sorry Harold, sorry Kumar. But if you like crazy adventures with an R-rated twist, then you’ve come to the right spot. Along the way you’ll get a chance to get to know our heros even better. They may only be a few inches tall, but they have a lot of girth, so don’t worry ladies, you’ll enjoy this strip too.